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Quality Plastic Packaging Manufacturing

At Italpac we are constantly striving to provide only the best quality plastic packaging products and solutions to our customers. This is why we are one of the leading and largest plastic packaging manufacturers in South Africa.  

We are continuously leading the way in innovation, new ideas and cost-saving solutions for our customers and are setting the standard within the industry.  

We only manufacture plastic packaging products to the highest standard and always put our customers first.

Italpac is also proud to say that we support the Hennops Revival Project.

We are one of their Community Partners and we sponsor the refuse bags used for the cleaning done in and around the river.

Read more about this great project by following the link below.

ISO & FSSC Certified

Our Range

We supply a variety of plastic products to various industries:


  • Foilene (Half) Sheets in a Bale

  • Clear HD Bags

  • Butcher Bags

  • Heavy Duty Butcher Bags

  • Econo Butcher Bags

  • Bread Bags

  • Cake Bags

  • Punched & Hamper Punched

  • Heavy Duty Bags

  • Clear Bags

  • Doggy Bags

  • Clear LD Bags

  • White Bags

  • Ice Bags



  • Carrot Bags

  • Apple & Pear Bags

  • Gem Squash Bags

  • Beetroot Bags

  • Butternut Bags

  • Onion Bags

  • Potato Bags

  • Sweet Potato Bags

  • Tomato Bags

  • Ice Bags



  • Trolley Bin Liners

  • Wood Bags

  • Black Refuse Bags

  • Clear Refuse Bags



  • Heavy Duty Tie Back Apron

  • Tie Back Apron

  • Smock

  • Salon Cape

  • Raincoat

  • Double Bag

  • Spine Bag

  • 6 Colour Printed Bag

  • Euroslot

  • Body Bag

  • Printed Shrink Sheeting

  • Blue LDPE Box/Crate Liner

  • Yellow LDPE Box/Crate Liner

  • Printed Shrink Sheeting

  • Custom Printed Bags

  • Custom Printed Bailer Bags


More About Our Products

All our products are manufactured using the very best quality raw materials. Our lifetime of experience and expertise in design means that we are able to create plastic packaging product solutions that meet our client’s needs.  

Italpac is FSSC 22 000 Accredited and offers a range of plastic packaging solutions to suit all needs and budgets. If you can think it, we can make it.  

We offer a standard stock line and specialise in a number of products that are all made to the highest of standard.  Our products are made from LDPE/HDPE and can be used in different sectors.  LDPE or Low-Density Polyethylene has a high resilience with a low density, making it ideal for butcher bags, cake bags, double seal ice bags, fruit and veg bags and so on.  

Our HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene is known for its strength to density ratio. HDPE is stronger with good barrier properties. HDPE is also harder, opaquer and can withstand higher temperatures. HDPE is ideal as a drum liner to store fruit juices, adhesives and paint.

At Italpac we manufacture HDPE as low as 10 microns.  Our range of plastic packaging is safe for direct food contact as well as offering extended shelf life.

Industries Served

For the past 23 years we have been servicing our large client base from the individual business owner to BlueChip corporate clients in the following industries:


Our Lines


  • Generic Vegetable Bags

  • Fruit & Veg Bags

  • Ice Bags

  • Bailer Bags

  • Refuse Bags

  • Bread Bags

  • Trolley Bin Liners

  • Wood Bags

  • Pallet Wrap

  • Butcher Bags

  • Foilene Sheets

  • LDPE Sheets

  • HDPE Sheets

  • Shrink Tubing

  • Shrink Sheeting

  • Form, Fill & Seal


  • Aprons

  • Nappy Bags

  • Book Covers

  • Printed Toilet Roll Bags

  • Full Length Smocks

  • Body Bags

  • Cap Bags

  • Bag with Liner

  • Double Bag

  • Foilene Bags

  • Shrink Bags

  • Co-Ex Film/Bags

  • Centrefold Sheeting

  • Centrefold Tubing

  • Bio-degradable


  • Spine Seals

  • Lap Seals

  • Fin Seals

  • Double Seals

  • Side Seals

  • Bottom Seal

  • Header Seal


  • Anti-Static: an additive blended into the material and is perfect for electronic and precious metals sectors.

  • UV Stabilisers: prevents oxidation effects on plastic.

  • Fire Retardant: an additive blended into the plastic. This additive can inhibit, supress or delay flames.

  • Swanky Tape: permanent or non-permanent.

  • Sequential barcodes, numbering and expiry dates.

  • Banana Blue:  contains a UV stabiliser and is offered in a roll (Min: 200 m). Various microns.

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